Monday, April 24, 2006

Christina has watched the times change. Keeping her students interested in a
day’s lesson has become much harder. “It used to be that during rest time the children
would sit and listen to classical music or a book on tape. Not anymore. Most days rest
time turns into a fiasco. The children can not remain seated; they try to talk to one
another. Books on tape are almost out of the question now. They will listen to things like
Aladdin because they are movies they have seen, so they have a visual of what is going
on in their minds.” Like many Christina is worried about these young children. Children
come to school and they are lacking in skills but they can tell you about every episode of
Power Rangers. Something is wrong with this picture. Christina informed me that when
her kindergartens come to her they should already know how to hold a pencil, properly.
“Many of them don’t, so already we are behind”. This is the parent’s fault. They use
their time at home with their children doing other things. There children lack social skills
because they are not learning from their parents they are getting bits and pieces from the
television programs. “These are skills that should be covered at home,” says Christina.
“But they are not. Most of the time the television is used as a babysitter of the children
instead of an educational resource.” Christina wants to see the television used
appropriately. Five year olds have a hard time understanding some of the things they
watch. They need guidance from their parents, and they are not getting it.


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