Sunday, April 23, 2006

Christina Neiswander is a mother and a teacher. She has been teaching for over 10 years in Colonial Heights Public Schools. She enjoys working with kindergarteners. However she has run into some problems in the last several years. She gets through her days knowing that she gets to come home and be with her husband and daughter. “David (her husband) and I set examples at home that we want Grace (her four year old daughter) to follow. I only spend six to eight hours with the kids at school; they don’t look to me like they do their parents.” Christina tries to spend her free time reading or entertaining herself without using the television. “Our family is not centered around TV. I talk with the children at school and know that their home life is.” Christina believes that parents are not involved in their children’s lives like they should be. The television becomes a babysitter in most of these children’s houses. It is an easy way to keep the kids occupied while they tend to other household chores.


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