Friday, April 28, 2006

Literature is surrounded with good and bad girls. They are divided into these

stereotypes. The good girls are the ones that are loyal to their husbands and conform to

their society. On the other side the bad girls protest against the norms that have been set

by the male figures in charge. Many writers have incorporated these two stereotypes of

women into their writings. It adds a sense of identity to the women. They are taking on

shapes different from all other women characters in the past. (more)

After reading Paradise Lost by John Milton the character of Eve takes on a

different meaning. She is not a sweet and innocent character. Her actions make her one of

the bad girls. She rebels against the society she has been put in. Therefore she makes her

character appear negative. Eve was given to Adam. He was supposed to care for her.

They were given to the Earth to reproduce and create life. Adam also asked for Eve. He

wanted companionship, just like the other animals in the Garden. God gave the two of

them a chance to be the mother and father of the world. Eve however, rebelled against

most of this. She wanted to be independent. She begged Adam to let her go off and be by

herself. In doing this Eve was rebelling against the given society. She was going against

the life that was her and Adam. She was rejecting the community. She was supposed to

serve Adam, she belonged to him. (Need Supporting Details-quotes)


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