Saturday, April 29, 2006

There is a counterpart to Eve’s negative side. Actually there are several characters

that fit the description. However, one in particular is Viola from Shakespeare’s Twelfth

Night. She appears to be one of the few sane ones in the play. The reason readers

understand her to be one of the good girls in literature is partially because of the pure

love she has for Orsino. Her actions all speak to her love. This aspect makes her one of

the more positive characters in literature.(Need Supporting Quotes here)

*I want to speak about her actions and how they are in the interest of love. She is whole hearted. And I need to find more positive aspects to support my argument. The information about her brother setting her free of her male roles in the end could come in somewhere. Like the idea that she had to be set free by a male in a male society. ETC. It shows that she was conforming to it.*

Continued outline of the paper-

Finish talking about the positive and negative aspects of the two characters

Answer the question: How does the opposition between them reveal culture’s need for a certain type of woman in order to support and uphold the ideal community?

-seems like a good woman or positive one would be needed for the ideal community. The negative one is just going to rebel against the society. (Build off of that)


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