Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I have spent my entire life working with children, from taking care of my little sisters to working at a child care center. I want the best for every child I come in contact with. I have come to understand the consequences that television has on children, of all ages and do not want these consequences to be a result of my carelessness. I would hope that all parents feel this way. When we choose to use the television as a babysitter we are inhibiting our children. Some of the areas that are touching our children are media violence, sexual exploitation, impact on self image, vulgarity, passive watching and commercialization. Children are exposed to these mature themes every time they sit down to watch television. Even when parents are monitoring the programs children are still being influenced. Especially when parents do not take time to discuss what is being shown in the program.

Christina informed me that her kindergarteners are still watching cartoons. Most parents believe that these shows are okay for their children. This is not always true. I have taken the time to view some of these cartoons and I have seen that the violence is almost as bad as real life television. “The boys walk down the hall and they have a plan. Someone is going to try and trip up another student and then another one is going to come in with their web blaster and capture them. Just like Batman,” said Christina. The children see these things done on television and they want to reenact them. They do not understand what is happening to them now, but the effects are sure to come. An article posted by Changing the Channels states, “…media violence makes our kids more aggressive, less patient, and more fearful of the world around them. Watching violence desensitizes children to actual acts of violence.” So in actuality the reenactments done by the boys in Christina’s class are things they do not think will harm others. When really by tripping up another student someone could really get hurt.


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